These are 14 of my calendar designs for 2012. I am always working on new ones so please come back soon for even more choices. Keep my calendars in mind for anytime you need a new present for someone dear to you, someone special in your life and of course a special treat for yourself. You also have a great piece of art which you can frame at the end of the year.I call these "Incidentally Calendars" because they are works of art which are also calendars. Each calendar is 11" by 17" and include a clear railing so that they can be mounted on any wall or surface.
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Calendars By Lupear

Welcome to my hand drawn 2012 calendars! Each theme is a combination of artistic medias. I create each one using my abilities in many areas of design to produce unique pieces of art that are useful in every day life as well. I have designed them with the intention that when the years comes to a close that the artwork can be cut out and kept. Thank you for choosing my calendars.
parrots.jpg Exotic Parrots
Three of these parrots are mine and the rest belong to friends. I can only marvel at their intelligence and intense colors.
exoticfish.jpg Beautiful Fish
These are four amazing examples of exotic fish found in the oceans around us. It was so hard to pick, but these were my first favorites.
cars.jpg Cars
These cars are from Americas past that show the need for chrome,speed and beautiful design.
roses.jpg Roses
Roses are my personal favorite flower. These colors were but a few of the vast choices available. I hope you enjoy these choices I made.
pansies.jpg Pansies and Butterflies
When I think of Spring I think of pansies and butterflies. Welcome to my spring.
Irises.jpg Irises
When I think of my mother I think of Irises. These were picked because her favorite colors were blue shades.
spookystuff.jpg Spooky Stuff
I had two favorite holidays while I was growing up Christmas and Halloween. Those to me meant candy and what's not to like?
barn.jpg The Livery Stable
This is taken from an old gold town in California. Yesteryear and digital abilities have brought it to life in this lovely example of a livery stable.
lordsprayer.jpg The Lord's Prayer
This is a heart felt bible passage that is timeless. Enjoy the words as well as the art. I created it with the thought that it should have the feeling of an illuminated manuscript and an old Russian icon.
23rdpsalm.jpg Candy Cane Christmas Dreams
This has all of the wonderful wishes and hopes of Christmas in my heart.
froadrunner.jpg The Southwest
When I think about my childhood in the Southwest I think of many things...these are some of my favorites.
beauty Beauty
The Navajo people have a poem which translates as "The Beauty Way". It has to do with being at one with all that surrounds you. I spent three and a half years on the reservation and fell in love with the Navajo feeling that I found in their souls.
dragon.jpg Dragon
Chinese New Year was the inspiration for this calendar.
guns.jpg Antique guns
These are pieces of art as well as part of our history.